Polyester vs. Recycled Polyester in Sportswear Manufacturing


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🌿 Polyester vs. Recycled Polyester in Sportswear Manufacturing 🌿

🔸 Made from synthetic fibers derived from petroleum.
🔸 Non-renewable resource; relies on the extraction and processing of fossil fuels.
🔸 Requires a significant amount of energy and resources during production.
🔸 May contribute to environmental pollution due to the release of microfibers during washing.

Recycled Polyester:
🔹 Made from recycled plastic bottles, fabric scraps, or other post-consumer waste materials.
🔹 Reduces the demand for new petroleum extraction and diverts waste from landfills.
🔹 Production consumes less energy and water compared to virgin polyester.
🔹 Helps mitigate pollution by reusing existing materials and preventing them from entering ecosystems.

Popular Brands:
🌟 Polyester: Nike, Adidas, Under Armour (in the process of fully switching over)
🌟 Recycled Polyester: Patagonia, The North Face, REI Co-op.

Make an eco-conscious choice for your sportswear! ♻️💪



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