Our Zikomo Hoodies are here!

They are here! Our 🇿🇲 Zikomo collection is tailored to three bespoke cuts and prints; our iconic Zikomo Print Hoodie, our Signature Purple Hoodie (it is dyed to our specific Pantone shade🤩) and our Standard Black Sweatshirt with trusty purple embroidered KC logo on the chest.

All pieces are interchangeable within the collection because we wanted it to be easy for you to put a look together – versatility is key. And guess what – they are all also unisex! Who says purple is feminine? Didn’t we say earlier the reason we love purple it’s balance between masculine and feminine.

You want that oversized hoodie look, buy a size larger and wear it with style! 💥

Check our iconic Zikomo hoodie on www.kcvaghela.com right now!

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