Fashion, Music and Magazines…oh my!

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I have always loved English Literature from a very young age.  I have always been more of a writer, hence my blogs, poetry and lyrics.  Well I came across this volunteer summer job to work with young enterprising students to create an online fashion magazine from scratch. 


So I went to Stratford, East London one hot summer’s afternoon and met the committee who created this opportunity as well as the other inspired youth.  From that point, everything else that happened after that was history!


I was voted and appointed Editor and we went about East London seeking fashion, music, lifestyle and culture, hence the name Fashion East.  The main reason for this magazine opportunity was to give those between the ages of 15 and 18 a taster of the publishing and editorial industries. 


As we went through the summer, we realised we enjoyed this whole process of creative meetings, brainstorming, going out and talking to interesting, funky-looking people on the streets as well as meeting emerging artists from the East London region.  We decided to prolong its lifecycle!  We had a launch party in the winter where a number of fashion designers and music artists showcased their work, including KCVaghela Fashions.  At that point in time, my womenswear line was only “half-way” in the pipeline.


Realising and producing Fashion East magazine was definitely an eye-opener.  Never in my life did I think I’d be writing an Editor’s Letter!  It was a fun experience and I was happy that I could meet some striking, young entrepreneurs through it .  Unfortunately after a year, many of the students returned to school to do their GCSEs, and our prolonged summer project met an untimely death. 


Nonetheless, it was an amazing experience.  I look forward to putting the skills I have gained into future KC projects. 



Have a quick flick through our work:


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