We Shaka Zulu on ‘Em


It was such a pleasant surprise when the boys called me to do this video. At first I was a little hesitant, I hadn’t heard the song and there I was already saying yes?!  Talk about preparation! So I got to the Ground Xero studios and sat down infront of their speakers hesitantly.  As soon as that beat dropped, I was like Woah!  I loved it the instant I heard it, and one thing with me is that I always follow my gut instinct!

So with hair and makeup and wardrobe sorted, we  started shooting immediately, and there you have it! 

It is a fantastic song, a fabulous video, and was so much fun!

A huge applause and thank you goes out to Slamdunk Records, Ground Xero Productions, Zone Fam and Salma Dodia.

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  1. Wika tipsy says:

    It is a great song n yal looked amazing. :P

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