Sparkle on Ice

A few weeks ago, I showcased KC Vaghela Fashions at an event called Sparkle on Ice, held at Rhapsody’s restaurant and bar, on November 24th.  It was a spectacular event, put together by Candy Marandola of WSM Jewellery, and supported by various Zambian designers.  It was one of a kind, a classy yet sexy event, which to be honest, is quite rare in Lusaka. 


The catwalk was not a catwalk, but rather twisted walkways between elaborately decorated dining tables, that allowed the models to sache themselves and showcase their clothing and jewellery to potential clients, up close and personal.


I was very excited by this event because I managed to illustrate my talents as a designer and model.  Hey, if you can, then why not?  I managed to get my gorgeous PA Precious Chebwe to substitute me for half the show – a designer cannot model her own clothing too!  And seeing as I was running around, back and front of stage (I was doing makeup for the models too), she helped ease the stress and provided much needed support!  She did a fabulous job!


I showcased some of my newest pieces from the upcoming Summer collection, comprising gold embellishments, vibrant hues of orange and red.  The Miami Vice jacket (which I wore that night) is the core of the collection.  Hot summer colours, here we come!  I am currently working on a strikingly colourful collection, much brighter than the last, with pieces that are more casual yet still maintaining that slick, tailored feel. 


I would just like to add that, I enjoy doing all these tasks.  Yes I may bust my foot running around in super-high heels, but I get a rush from being creative in various ways.  I want to show that young women can follow their dreams and do what makes them happy.  I want to provide inspiration to all women and young inspiring business people.


Sparkle on Ice was one of my best experiences; I had my family as well as my nearest and dearest there to support me. 


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