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Launch Party

KC Vaghela launched her online magazine Fashion East, with her team based in Stratford, East London. Inaugeratated with a funky, high-energy fashion show held at St. John’s Church amongst numerous other young, fresh and talented fashion designers from East London, this was an event not to be missed.

See across for a few pictures to highlight the event.

Go to KC Vaghela’s Love it Live it Be it blog to experience the event from a more personal point of view.

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Sparkle On Ice

KC Vaghela fashions showcased at the Sparkle On Ice event at Rhapsody’s Bar and Restaurant, Lusaka, Zambia in November 2011.

It was a glitzy affair, with Lusaka’s elite dressed to the nines: high heels, flowing dresses, sparkling jewellery, masculine scents of Jean Paul Gaultier and floral Estee Lauder Pleasures. Kaajal showcased her main collection, as well as debuting a few pieces from her latest collection. Scroll across for a few pictures from the show.

Check out the Love It. Live It. Be It blog to see more pictures and experience what she experienced, back stage and front!

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Coaching models

KC Vaghela is a huge believer in giving back to the community. With her experience within the modelling industry, she believes it is important to teach the youth aspiring to model how to carry themselves on the catwalk as well as the sidewalk. It’s not just about giving them an opportunity, it is more about nurturing their skills.

The 24th of October is Zambia’s Independence Day, and most International schools call it a cultural day and celebrate students’ various ethnic backgrounds. KC Vaghela was given the task of coaching a number of girls and boys how to model for their cultural day fashion show.

Read more on the KC Blog.

Kaajal Vaghela

Shaka Zulu on Em

KCVaghela exercised her modelling skills once again by taking part in her first Zambian music video. “Shaka Zulu on ‘Em” by Zone Fam featuring Salma Dodia has taken the Zambian music circuit by storm with its catchy beat, sexy lyrics and vernacular infusions.

Although this video caused a litte bit of controversy, making headlines on Lusaka’s leading gossip website Kachepa360. Hey, all publicity is good publicity, right?

Check out the video on the KC Blog.

Shaka Zulu on 'Em' Music Video