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KCVaghela First Fashion Video


This is the first of the KCVaghela "Behind-the-Scenes" fashion videos! 


I think Sanj's work is amazing, so make sure you check out his website:


Beware this is amateur footage, but it is authentic, funny and nostalgic! Hope you all like it!

- KC

Fashion, Music and Magazines…oh my!

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I have always loved English Literature from a very young age.  I have always been more of a writer, hence my blogs, poetry and lyrics.  Well I came across this volunteer summer job to work with young enterprising students to create an online fashion magazine from scratch. 


So I went to Stratford, East London one hot summer’s afternoon and met the committee who created this opportunity as well as the other inspired youth.  From that point, everything else that happened after that was history!


I was voted and appointed Editor and we went about East London seeking fashion, music, lifestyle and culture, hence the name Fashion East.  The main reason for this magazine opportunity was to give those between the ages of 15 and 18 a taster of the publishing and editorial industries. 


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Life is your catwalk

At the end of last year I was given the opportunity to coach 20 students, both girls and guys, how to model and catwalk. 

Having been immersed in the fashion industry for ten years, I feel strongly in sharing and passing on the knowledge I have gained throughout the years. I felt honoured when I was asked to coach them and help organise a catwalk routine for their Cultural Day show. In Zambia, we celebrate our Independence Day on 24th October, and our International Schools tend to celebrate the diversity of cultures our country has by bringing in various ethnic foods and dressing up in traditional ethnic clothing. 

I managed to whip these girls into shape within 4 training sessions! Some had amazing walks and did not need much help, others needed a teeny-weeny bit of fine-tuning. But nonetheless, I believe teaching these girls to walk without slouching, to lead with their hips, to lift their feet and to walk with a little bit of attitude are not skills just for a catwalk but for life itself. Let the ground below your feet be your catwalk. And same for the guys. I taught them to walk with a touch of “swagger”, because a little bit of confidence goes a long way in life. 

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