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Tuneage Tuesdays – “D-Boy- Need A Hero (2013 Remix) – ft. Sef”

Has anyone noticed that over last year and this year all songs have a club/electric vibe? Including their videos – Hype Williams style.

Well in 2009 I happened to be the lead girl in Sef’s ‘Need a Hero’ D-Boy remix feat. Des-C. Mind you, Sef was in So Solid Crew (21seconds to go…) so yes I met Romeo on set, and yes he is just as hot in person as he is on screen! Lol.

In 2013 we have received the re-remix! And I think it is awesome! Tell me what you think?

This is my pick for this week’s Tuneage Tuesdays!


Love it. Live it. Be it.

Gangster dressing


So last week I went to watch Gangster Squad.  Amazing movie with Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone and Sean Penn.  I have always loved that era.  Burlesque dancers, red lipstick, classic suits, immaculate hair and tommy guns.  I sometimes think I was actually supposed to be born then!


Then our friend Jatin decided to throw a Gangster/Mafia birthday, for which I dressed up in masculine trousers, suspenders and a trilby hat.  Nothing feminine at ALL! But of course I did my makeup in a very feminine, flirty 1950s style with wavy hair set in place.  


Whether you are male or female, you can enjoy the power that a a blazer brings to your outfit. I just wanted to share with you my inspiration for the look.  


This is defo a signature "KC look"

Mayuka Mayuka!


Emmanual Mayuka is one of Zambia’s lethal weapons.  Born on 21st November 1990, a young 21year old has made his country proud by joining the English Premier League team Southampton last Friday.  He was the same player who showed his astounding skills as striker during the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations, where Zambia won a miraculous win.  We all feel the twinge of sadness when we think of the team that perished in 1993, just meters away from the same stadium that Zambia took its victory this year, but this super team that Coach Herve Renard has brought together and trained has by far impressed Zambians all over the world, as well as football lovers everywhere.  Everyone loves an under-dog!  Some can say there were 22 players on that pitch, some can say it was written in the stars, and some can say we just managed to train well and learn from previous errors, but all in all, Chipolopolo triumphed, and as a result, we now have a young Mayuka playing for Southampton as part of a 5year, £3m (K24bn) deal.


Emmanual Mayuka first started out at the age of 11 at the Lusaka Academy. In 2007 he joined Kabwe Warriors, one of the biggest teams in Zambia, owned by the prevalent Zambia Railways.  He then joined the under-17 national team.  His bigger break involved joining Israel’s Maccabi Tel Aviv, and consequently Swiss club BSC Young Boys.


His stellar performance through out AFCON 2012, especially at the finals against Ivory Coast at Libreville, brought him, as well as other players Rainford Kalaba, Chisamba Lungu, Stophila Sunzu and Hichani Himoonde, higher international recognition.


Despite Zambia's slightly disappointing performance at the new Levy Mwanawasa stadium in Ndola last Saturday 8th of September 2012, a win against Uganda still resulted (1-0).  TeamKC  was there in the crowds, totally amazed by the euphoria of the crouds and the sheer size of the stadium.  A thunderous piece of architecture. You could feel the energy resonating through your bones!  Castle lagers and Chibuku were being drunk as quickly as possible outside (the stadium is alcohol-free) before the match started, Mexican waves were started and finished hopelessly, seats were being mixed up and Herve Renard still had his pristine white shirt.  It was my first time to a stadium, so it was definitely an experience I will never ever forget.



We are looking forward to playing in Kampala next month, in the hopes of qualifying through to the next World Cup. I think the Copper Bullets will definitely put on a memorable performance, as they did at AFCON, on the tough Kampala home ground.


And of course, the KC brand managed to get itself on Mayuka himself!  It truly is an honour to be the first Zambian fashion designer to have a Premier League player wearing my clothing, a Zambian brand.  Truly patriotic. Truly Zambian.  Chipolopolo iyeeh!




- KC

Sparkle on Ice

A few weeks ago, I showcased KC Vaghela Fashions at an event called Sparkle on Ice, held at Rhapsody’s restaurant and bar, on November 24th.  It was a spectacular event, put together by Candy Marandola of WSM Jewellery, and supported by various Zambian designers.  It was one of a kind, a classy yet sexy event, which to be honest, is quite rare in Lusaka. 


The catwalk was not a catwalk, but rather twisted walkways between elaborately decorated dining tables, that allowed the models to sache themselves and showcase their clothing and jewellery to potential clients, up close and personal.


I was very excited by this event because I managed to illustrate my talents as a designer and model.  Hey, if you can, then why not?  I managed to get my gorgeous PA Precious Chebwe to substitute me for half the show – a designer cannot model her own clothing too!  And seeing as I was running around, back and front of stage (I was doing makeup for the models too), she helped ease the stress and provided much needed support!  She did a fabulous job!


I showcased some of my newest pieces from the upcoming Summer collection, comprising gold embellishments, vibrant hues of orange and red.  The Miami Vice jacket (which I wore that night) is the core of the collection.  Hot summer colours, here we come!  I am currently working on a strikingly colourful collection, much brighter than the last, with pieces that are more casual yet still maintaining that slick, tailored feel. 


I would just like to add that, I enjoy doing all these tasks.  Yes I may bust my foot running around in super-high heels, but I get a rush from being creative in various ways.  I want to show that young women can follow their dreams and do what makes them happy.  I want to provide inspiration to all women and young inspiring business people.


Sparkle on Ice was one of my best experiences; I had my family as well as my nearest and dearest there to support me. 


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