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Menswear ‘Element’ 13/14 by KC


Tune-age Tuesdays : Zone Fam – Translate

So the boys have done it again!  Love the song, very catchy, mellow, slightly sinister if I can describe it like that compared to their previous songs which seemed more 'pop' like.  


I definitely love the video, Nigerian music video director AJE brought in some Indian-Asian culture into the video through this Arabic-vibed setting in Kenya.  The girls look sexy and the sound is too.

Well done guys! :)


Tune-age Tuesdays: “Pompi “Make-up” Official Video”

I absolutely LOVE this song!  Pompi has a wide repertoire of music, but this one really touches my heart strings.  For a Gospel singer, he also has a pop/R'n'B sound, and this makes his music even more versatile.  


Also great videography from Kenny Roc at GroundXero productions.  Fab work!


Guys, keep reppin' Zambia!





The Brand


2013 means product diversification here at KC.  From caps to tote bags, to man bags (yes those too!)…watches, more t-shirts/vests and of course, our signature style – new jackets that will make you paint the town purple!


We have lots of fun stuff coming up – more videos, photoshoots as well as updating the website to a transactional one.


Watch this space!


- KC

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